Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's celebrations around the world by webcam

Christchurch, New Zealand (GMT +12hrs)

Sydney, Australia (GMT +10hrs)

Tokyo, Japan (GMT +9hrs)

Manila, Philippines (GMT +8hrs)

Hong Kong, China (GMT +8hrs)

Phuket, Thailand (GMT +7hrs)

Crap - haven't got time to put the iframes in! You get the idea, anyway!

Udaipur Lake Pichola, India (GMT +5.5hrs)

Dubai Jumeirah Beach, UAE (GMT +4hrs)

Peponi Hotel, Lamu, Kenya (GMT +3hrs)

Cape Town, South Africa (GMT +2hrs)

Paris, France (GMT +1hrs)

London, UK (GMT)

Praia de Santos, Brazil (GMT -3hrs)

Caracas, Venezuela (GMT -4.5hrs)

New York, USA (GMT -5hrs)

Mexico City, Mexico (GMT -6hrs)

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA (GMT -8hrs)

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii (GMT -10hrs)

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