Wednesday 21 November 2012

Spamalot West End: My 12th time

Spamalot is on at The Playhouse Theatre until April 2013
I will never tire of this hilariously funny show (based on the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"). The first time I saw it was in 2007, and last night - my 12th time - will definitely not be my last. I cried laughing throughout, unable to see the stage for tears, as always!

Stephen Tomkinson was superb as King Arthur, as was Anna-Jane Casey as the Lady of the Lake - the two newcomers. I loved their interpretations of their characters: Stephen gave King Arthur a lot more depth and emotion than he is usually played, and Anna-Jane was vocally stunning and cheeky with it. She is perfect for this part which she should have been offered years ago! But actually all the cast - Todd Carty, Michael Burgen, Graham MacDuff (we go back a long way), Jon Robyns, Robin Armstrong, Rob Delaney, Adam Ellis, James Nelson, Chris Jenkins, Hannah Malekzad, Rachel Knowles, Paul Bullion, Matthew Russell-Jones, Graham Newell, Amelia Adams-Pearce - were outstanding!

Spamalot is SO good and SO funny, it's a wonderful night out and a guaranteed pick-me-up; far better at beating the blues than antidepressants. Its only side effect: strained laughing muscles. 

Last night was Press Night so the audience was awash with celebs which made the evening even more exciting! And, I was invited to the After Party with the entire cast and crew. I recently appeared in The Metro for being Monty Python's biggest fan, so what made the evening even more special for me was that many of the cast members I spoke to told me they had read the article! Yesterday was one of the best days of my life!

Actress Rebecca Grant (Holby City, Prisioner's Wives, Emmerdale - I'm her publicist!) with artist Anyes Greene

Rebecca Grant, John Wood (me!) and Anyes Greene

Me with John Partridge from Eastenders

Me with Ian McNeice

Rebecca Grant being photographed by a pap

Me with Stephen Tomkinson at the opening "knight" after party (no flash!)

Me with Dave Gormam

Me with Melanie Masson from X Factor

My ticket - the best I've ever had, only 20 seats along from the legendary D1!!

My After Party invitation - Get in!
Other celebs who were at the show who I didn't manage to photograph: X Factor stars Javine Hylton and Kye Sones (had a nice chat with both of them).

Media coverage of the Press Night: