Saturday 24 August 2013

Who are YOU calling a cootie queen, YOU LINT LICKER?: Is this the most well-known Orbit Gum TV ad ever?

Here's the original 2007 ad, officially called "Orbit Euphemisms" that went viral, big time! This version alone has nearly had 5m views!

The ad was also re-enacted, it seems, by every kid with access to a video camera! That's crowdsourcing taken to the next level! Here are 2 good ones:

With millions of views, hundreds of re-enactments, and people tweeting, Facebooking and blogging, to this day, "Who are you calling a cootie queen, you lint licker!", "You son of a biscuit eating bulldog!", "What the french toast?" and "Pickle you - kumquat!" - this must be Orbit's most well-known and most successful ad ever!

As the ad was such a hit, I don't understand why Orbit Gum don't make a series out of it, or at least do one more in the same style with the same cast, especially the very talented and hilarious Jesse Meriwether. There are so many comments 'out there' about how much people love her and her performance!

The ad (and Ms Meriwether) also won critical acclaim, with PopEater, the entertainment news site, saying:
"We know two things: 1. This Orbit commercial is one of the funniest things we've ever seen, and 2. Jesse Meriwether, the actress who makes "lint licker" sound so incredibly filthy, deserves some kind of award for this better-than-advertisement performance."
I'll leave you with the brilliant script:

WifeYou son of a biscuit eating bulldog!

Husband: What the french toast?

Wife: Did you think I wouldn't find out about your little doo doo head cootie queen?!

Secretary: Who are YOU calling a cootie queen, you lint licker!

Wife: Pickle you - kumquat!!!!!

Husband: You're over-reacting

Wife: No, Bill; over reacting was when I put your convertible into a wood chipper, Stinky McStinkface

Secretary: You Hoboken!

Orbit Lady: Fabulous! New Orbit's Raspberry Mint cleans another dirty mouth. For a good clean feeling, no matter what.

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