Tuesday 24 July 2007

Purple Onions Launches its First eBook: Fitness Designed for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy Health & Fitness Guide eBook Released

Crawley, UK – July 2007: A new eBook designed to keep expectant mothers in tiptop condition during and after their pregnancy became available today. The first title from new publishing house Purple Onions, “Fitness Designed for a Healthy Pregnancy” specifically addresses the physical changes women encounter during each stage of their pregnancy.

“There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information available on the internet on this subject, so I wanted to simplify things and make it all easily available,” says author and mother, Darma Powell. “I wish I had known what I know now when I was pregnant! It would have made things a whole lot easier for both me and my children.”

The exercises in the book are intended to enhance circulation and the body’s lymphatic, digestive and respiratory systems; to make pregnancy as comfortable as possible and to reduce aches and pains; to relax the body and help prepare for childbirth; and to help restore the body’s figure and energy levels after pregnancy. The book also gives advice on optimum nutrition during pregnancy.

“Fitness Designed for a Healthy Pregnancy: A health and fitness guide for each stage of your pregnancy” which is fully illustrated with colour photographs and 144 pages in length is only available, priced at $19.97, from the new website http://www.healthychildbirth.com/ The eBook, which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, can be downloaded from this website as a standard pdf file but also as a new type of pdf file that makes the pages behave as if they were real paper when you turn them.

Ben Hulme, founder of Purple Onions

Ben Hulme, founder of Purple Onions, is excited about this and future eBook projects, plans for which are already in place. “This is the first eBook of many we have in the pipeline so keep a look out for our future titles,” says Ben.

Purple Onions, established by Ben Hulme in 2007, creates and distributes eBooks and other forms of web-based information products. It believes the internet to be the most important source of instant information and is consequently an internet-only publisher.

For more information, contact:

Ben Hulme
Purple Onions ltd
West Sussex
RH10 4WN

07809 491104

health, fitness, pregnancy, pregnant, birth, maternity, pre-natal, post-natal, dieting, trimester, expectant, expecting

NB If you are expecting, NHS Direct advises that you take supplements of Folic Acid for at least the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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Wednesday 18 July 2007

New Version of izimi Offers Private Share & Instant Photo Galleries

izimi, the exciting and innovative new web application plus social networking site (www.izimi.com) that allows you to instantly share anything with anyone, has just been upgraded - big time - in response to users' requests.

When you share a file on your PC (that's ANY file, no matter the size or type), it is given a URL and so becomes instantly accessible by anyone on the internet with a browser. With the new version, you now have the choice to share it publicly (the file is posted onto izimi.com where it is imediately searchable from within the site) or privately (the file is not posted onto izimi.com). In both cases, the URL generated by the application for that file can be sent in e-mails or via your IM (instant messaging). Here's an example of a publicly shared file: http://david.izimi.com/A22188E/CIMG0548.jpg and here's an example of a privately shared file: only kidding! You can also change the status of any file from public to private (or vice-versa) at any time with a single click.

The ability to create instant galleries is a completely new feature (and is my personal favourite). I would hazard a guess, since izimi = no uploading, that there's no faster way anywhere on the internet to make 100 pictures available for all the world to see. It's as simple as: Select 'New Gallery', select your 100 photos, type name of gallery - DONE! That's 4 clicks and one gallery name - it's that fast. The gallery then has its own URL which can also be e-mailed or IM'ed. Here's an example of a gallery: http://marc.izimi.com/gallery/random

Two other cool new features:
  • Multiple file sharing (instead of one by one) - similar to the gallery option and just as fast, but the files are accessible individually rather than being within a gallery
  • Shared files can also be organised into folders - here's an example folder that contains an .xls, a .doc, a .jpg and a .wmv: http://www.izimi.com/folder/?47
Even more enhancements are being developed as we speak for the next version, so stay tuned to izimi.com.

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Monday 16 July 2007

Software Shelf Declares its Premier Print Accounting Application Fully Compatible with Longhorn Server

Print Manager Plus® Passes All Windows Server 2008 Compatibility Tests

Palo Alto, California and London (11 July 2007): Software Shelf International, Inc, developers of the world’s leading print monitoring and print accounting software, today announced that its flagship product, Print Manager Plus, is now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (formerly Longhorn Server).

Software Shelf, a Microsoft Certified Partner, has been a designated beta tester for Microsoft for many years, ensuring that its print management software remains ‘state of the art’ software technology for use on Microsoft operating systems. Print Manager Plus operates as a seamless extension of the Windows operating system.

Software Shelf vice-president Christian Delalez

“With the upcoming release of Windows Server 2008 later this year, the server infrastructure changes that organizations have to encounter will now be seamless with respect to their use of Print Manager Plus,” affirms Software Shelf vice-president Christian Delalez.

“We are very excited about the future release of Windows Server 2008, especially following International Data Corporation’s very positive predictions for the new platform last May* so we are very proud to be able to announce that Print Manager Plus is already fully compatible with Windows Server 2008.”

With well over 150,000 copies of Windows Server 2008 having been downloaded since its beta release in April and about 2,600 websites already running on the platform, including Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 for its own main website, there is every indication of a broad appeal for the new operating system.

With this announcement, Software Shelf can now confirm that Print Manager Plus runs on all main versions of Windows i.e. Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and now Windows Server 2008 (code named Longhorn Server until recently). The technical support that Software Shelf provides in 13 languages from its offices in the US and UK and from its 153 partners and resellers in 62 countries will include support for the Windows Server 2008 platform as soon as it is officially released.

Print Manager Plus requires no training for anyone familiar with Windows, it is affordable to nearly any organization being licensed at a fraction of the price of other similar software while yet being of the highest technical quality. Microsoft made it their “Solution of the Month” for the public sector for 18 months in a row. Hewlett-Packard recently awarded Software Shelf its Outstanding Partner of the Year Award due in part to the quality and functionality of its flagship product, Print Manager Plus.

Software Shelf was established in 1994 in Silicon Valley by William Feeley. Its flagship product Print Manager Plus is used by thousands of companies, schools and government offices worldwide, including: Yale University, Los Angeles Unified School District, Harvard University, Oxford University, Morgan Stanley, British Library, University of California, Bank of England, NATO, CNN, Commerzbank, European Transaction Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Hyatt Hotels and Microsoft. The company provides tech support (in 13 languages) from its offices in the US and UK and from its 153 partners and resellers in 62 countries.

A fully functional free evaluation of Print Manager Plus can be downloaded here: http://www.softwareshelf.com/files/downloads.asp?ID=23

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

For further information, contact:

Danny Byrnes
Software Shelf International, Inc.
601 Cleveland Street
Suite# 710
Clearwater, FL 33755
United States
Phone: 727-445-1920
Phone: 800-962-2290
Fax: 727-445-9223
Email: sales@softwareshelf.com
Website: http://www.softwareshelf.com

Christian Delalez
Software Shelf International, Inc.
Vitality House
2 - 3 Imberhorne Way
East Grinstead
West Sussex, RH19 1RL
United Kingdom
Phone +44 1342 310950
Fax +44 1342 302405
Email: sales@softwareshelf.co.uk
Website: http://www.softwareshelf.co.uk

Source: Enterprisewire® News Service
© Enterprisewire News Service

* Tech•Ed 2007 Showcases Growing Adoption of Windows Server 2008

Submitted by: UpTone Business News

print software, print management, print accounting, print monitoring, print audit

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Sunday 8 July 2007

Fonejacker - Student Internet Service Providings

image: fonejacker.eu

Geyser: Hello?

SISP: Hello?

Geyser: Yeah?

SISP: I'm calling from Internet Service Provider would you be interested in providing a service our internet service providings is six times quicker?

Geyser: Um, I got internet connection already.

SISP: But it's six times fasterdings.

Geyser: You guys provide six times faster than what I've got now?

SISP: Maybe eight times fasterdings.

Geyser: Eight times, I got...well I got 8 Megabyte line.

SISP: But it's er 42 Megabytings.

Geyser: Is er...is there any download limit?

SISP: There's no downloading limits nothing and you get free internet service providings you get free wire free er modems and you get a newsletter.

Geyser: How much is it per month?

SISP: I's £80.40 per month but if you do sign up the next three daysings you get to £40 per month.

Geyser: No, it's OK.

SISP: Er you sound like er temptedings.

Geyser: No I'm happy. I've been with them for like 4 or 5 years now and I have no problems so there's no need to change init?

SISP: But you don't sound happy with it. Perhaps you want to be happier.

Geyser: I do. I do sound happy, I'm just not happy with this phone call right now.

SISP: What do you means?

Geyser: I'm not being rude but you're kinda wasting my time.

SISP: But I'm providing the service of faster providings!

Geyser: I don't need faster! 8 Megabytes fast enough.

SISP: No it's 42 megabytes is the...

Geyser: I know, but I've got 8 Megabytes - that's fast enough!

SISP: But it's slow!

Geyser: No but you...it's expensive. Your one's expensive!

SISP: No it's not - it's very cheap. I said £14 in the first month, only £40 for the next month, only £80 for the next month.

Geyser: Please - er, I don't want to carry on this phone call.

SISP: I think you wanting to sign.

Geyser: No I don't want to sign. No more contracts. No more contracts. Too much contract.

SISP: But it's pay as You Goings.

Geyser: I'm a student I'm a student so I got no money.

SISP: But we're doing the student specialings for the internet service providings. It's a Student Internet Service Providings - SISP.

Geyser: I don't work. I don't work as well. Er I got no money to pay.

SISP: But I've got no money to eat.

Geyser: I know. I'm sorry

SISP: But it's all your faultings.

Geyser: Yeah it's all my fault - I'm sorry.

SISP: I'm upsetings.

Fonejacker is hilarious! Are you one of the people who answered the phone to Fonejacker himself and made it onto the programme? If so, I would love to hear from you! john@uptone.co.uk

Sunday 1 July 2007

UK-based Miracle Drywash Appoints Exclusive Australian Distributor

Aquafree Drywash Pty Ltd now trading as Miracle Drywash Australia

The Waterless Carwash Product - Miracle Drywash

Crawley, UK and Melbourne, Australia – June 2007: Rapidly expanding Crawley-based company, SJK Products Ltd, manufacturers of the waterless carwash product, Miracle Drywash, has appointed exclusive distributorship to a Melbourne company. Aquafree Drywash Pty Ltd., now trading as Miracle Drywash Australia, has enabled Miracle Drywash products to be readily available throughout Australia.

Ursula McCoy, MD of Miracle Drywash Australia, feels the product has got a bright future in the country where she has now been living since 1989. Originally from Derry, Northern Ireland, Ursula first came across Miracle Drywash in November 2006 when she was on holiday, staying with her brother in law in Scotland. He was running a caravan park website at the time and was interested in the product as it is very popular with caravaners.

Ursula McCoy, MD of Miracle Drywash Australia

“My brother in law had a bottle of Miracle Drywash so we tried it out and really liked what we found,” she recounts. “Water restrictions are in place in all major cities of Australia due to the severe drought that we are currently experiencing. These include restrictions on watering our lawns, using sprinkler systems, refilling swimming pools and washing vehicles, so I think Miracle Drywash is a greatly needed product over here.

“What I really like about Miracle Drywash is that it builds up a really good polish after repeated use. You can tell because the water beads over the polished surface. And I know this is something that other waterless carwash systems don’t do because I researched into what else was on the market,” she asserts.

“Miracle Drywash is a convenience product. It makes it so easy for those living in apartments, for example, to clean their cars – and it will also save a great deal of Australia’s water,” she adds.

SJ Khebbal, founder, is delighted with Ursula’s appointment as his Australian distributor. “That’s Australia in the bag and we are now in talks with possible distributors for several other countries. Things are going really well!”

Miracle Drywash is a 21st Century, environmentally friendly, waterless car wash product that allows you to wash and polish your car, motorbike, caravan or motorhome without using water, and so saves water. In fact, each 500 ml bottle of Miracle Drywash saves 1 tonne of water! The product contains no chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and in the UK, it is endorsed by South East Water. At the recent World Water Conference held at Oxford University, England, Miracle Drywash was awarded the Waterwise Marque for its contribution towards water conservation.

For more information, contact:

Ursula McCoy
Miracle Drywash Australia
PO Box 6004

1800 153 789

Mr. SJ Khebbal
SJK Products Ltd
James Place
West Sussex
RH10 6GA
United Kingdom

01293 533064

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