Saturday 13 February 2010 Top Tips and Simple Tricks gives you free resources to promote your business online, but are you taking full advantage of it?

#1. Go deep, not wide

How do search engines find the pages on the internet where your business is featured? It used to be sufficient simply to have 'a presence', but these days, with so much more competition from web-savvy business owners, you need to go a little deeper. What do you think is most likely to rank well for user searches: a listing featuring just your business name and contact details, or a listing with a raft of additional rich text and media content? (No prizes here... it's the latter.)

If you've claimed your business listing on, you'll notice the Business Toolbox near the top of your business page - use that to customize your business page with extra text, logos, photos, videos, even your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and more. Take a look here at all the amazing (and free) things you can do with your business page: NEW – Add Widgets to your Business Page

#2. Don't be a stranger

Search engines like current content. This means that regularly updated pages get found more often. Regularly refresh your web presences to keep that feeling of freshness that the search engines love. Your listing is easy to update and it's instant. Update your business tags (keywords) regularly and use the customizable business page to keep text and other content current.

Added bonus: each time you update your listing, it appears on Brownbook's home page in the 'Latest edits' section.

by Dave & Marc, co-founders of