Monday 11 February 2013

Carol Cleveland Attends the Final Pre-Release Screening of A Liar's Autobiography

I risked my life taking this photo for you! I had to stand in the middle of a busy Shaftesbury Avenue! The things we do for art!
The 3D animated untrue story 
of Monty Python's Graham Chapman
A Liar's Autobiography -
goes on general release in the UK

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Friday 8th Feb 2013 - Curzon Cinema Soho: Attending this special event which marked the start of the film's UK general release, in addition to Carol Cleveland (the seventh Python), were:
A Liar's Autobiography is a FAB film (Fabricated Animated Biopic); in a genre all of its own! 

In the bar area of the cinema, a life-size cardboard cutout of Graham Chapman as the Colonel watched over an exhibition of various props from A Liar's Autobiography (the actual model of Sigmund Freud that appeared in the movie as well as his desk, plus the figures used in the opening Oscar Wilde scene); Monty Python and the Holy Grail (the actual sun emblem King Arthur wore on his chest); and The Life of Brian (the actual sandal!). Also on display was Graham's Cambridge scarf.
The three directors: Bill Jones asked the audience to comply with Graham Chapman's wishes at the start of  the film and to shout abuse at the screen for 60 seconds
The actual sandal from The Life of Brian!
Various props from A Liar's Autobiography, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Life of Brian - plus Graham's Cambridge scarf
"Please welcome Carol Cleveland" Our Carol's not shy, that's for sure
Some artwork from the film on display at the Curzon Cinema Soho 
(Exhibition thanks to LOCO London Comedy Film Festival)
Some stills from the film, background info, poster etc
(Exhibition thanks to LOCO London Comedy Film Festival)
Me "cuddling" Sigmund Freud (voiced by Cameron Diaz)
Graham's Cambridge scarf (no that wasn't his actual pipe)
Me with Carol Cleveland!
Philip Bulcock, me, André Jacquemin - photo taken by Carol Cleveland on my phone!
Philip Bulcock, Carol Cleveland, André Jacquemin
Philip Bulcock, Carol Cleveland, André Jacquemin
It was great to see André again, and I was so pleased to finally meet Philip having corresponded with him so much in the Twittersphere.

I also managed to have a little chat with Carol. I guessed that her most memorable Python sketch that she appeared in was either Marriage Councillor or Scott of the Sahara. For her, it was the latter. She told me how it was one of the rare long sketches that was filmed on location on Torquay Beach in 1969. At that time, she had only known the Pythons for about two weeks. She said she really enjoyed filming it and that they were always laughing so much on set. I asked her about her topless scene (well, I had to!) and she said that it was the only time she refused a Python 'order'! In the script, she was supposed to run up the beach away from the sea as the final cactus removed her bra. But by then, a large crowd had gathered to watch the filming, and she did not fancy running topless towards the crowd. So instead, she ran with her back to the crowd towards the sea. And here is the masterpiece for your delight:

A Liar's Autobiography on DVD and Blu-ray will be available from 18 Feb but can be pre-ordered now.