Sunday 29 August 2010

World Premiere of 13HRS

What a great time I had yesterday at the World Premiere of the horror movie, 13 Hrs, by the same production company that brought you Dog Soldiers.

The movie was directed by Jonathan Glendening, and stars Isabella Calthorpe, Gemma Atkinson, Tom Felton, Peter Gadiot, Simon MacCorkindale, Gabriel Thomson, Joshua Bowman and Antony De Liseo.

Jonathan Glendening, Gemma Atkinson, Antony De Liseo and Isabella Calthorpe

Jonathan Glendening

Gemma Atkinson

Antony De Liseo

Isabella Calthorpe

Here's a video of Jonathan Glendening, Isabella Calthorpe, Gemma Atkinson and Antony De Liseo doing non-stop media interviews after the showing of 13HRS at its World Premiere. Here's what you can just about hear Jonathan saying: "... Peter Gadiot .... my car battery light, and he's just going insane in his mind and it's just this one short .... that's my favourite bit! it's nothing much but .... he's so strange and 'out there' ....really really like it.

I really enjoyed 13 Hrs! I was as tense as hell as soon as it started getting spooky and 100% absorbed. To think the whole thing was shot in only 18 days! The acting was great, and really amazing editing and score.

I've been thinking through the ending a lot today - I like movies that make you think. You know you've seen a good movie if you find yourself still thinking about it the next day!

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