Friday, 18 December 2009

George Tilley is the winner on Slips - Viva UK, MTV Networks (Show 108)

Click the image above to watch the show in full

Fergus vs. George

George's friends and family watch the first broadcast of the show on the big screen at the Broadway pub in East Grinstead

Step son George was the winner in the TV show "Slips" on Viva UK (channel 358 on Sky and Freeview 21), broadcast last night for the first time at 10pm (but will be repeated ad infinitum).

George's racing skills won him his car back plus his competitor's car, both of which were souped up by the TV show (similar to the way "Pimp My Ride" does it)!

Here we all are at the Broadway pub watching the show

George (right) cringing while watching himself on the big screen

George cringing even more!

All of us having a laugh

Two articles in the local media about the show:

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