Wednesday 13 June 2007

izimi in rap

At the recent San Francisco New Tech Meetup - - the most unusual 60-second open mic slot of the evening was definitely izimi's! izimi VP of Product, David Ingram, stood up to make his presentation, only to have the mic taken from his hands by local San Francisco rapper and freestyle artist Tommy. Tommy went on to rap the 60 second slot and the crowd went wild. When he'd finished he nonchalently handed the mic back to a speechless Ingram!

izimi enables you to publish and serve files, photos, music and videos, in fact anything, straight from your PC to anyone with a browser. A new version of izimi with many enhanced features will be available in a few weeks.

(NB: this video is being 'live shared' straight from the izimi CEO's home PC)

izimi - instantly share anything with anyone

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Anonymous said...

cool biz, i love this.