Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Free and Unlimited izimi Undercuts Established Photo and Video Hosting Websites

izimi Saves Users More Than $1bn. Yes, that’s $1 Billion!

Oxford (UK), San Francisco (USA) - June 25, 2007: izimi (www.izimi.com) is causing nervousness amongst the leading photo and video sharing websites by offering all users totally unlimited and unrestricted photo and video sharing - for free. It’s conservatively estimated that izimi could save internet users well over $1bn in membership fees to photo and video hosting websites, with individual users each saving up to $25 per year.

But it is not just about cost. izimi has a unique approach to photo and video sharing - instead of users having to upload their photos and videos to several different websites, which takes time, izimi makes photos and videos instantly available direct from the user’s own computer with just a few mouse clicks. Like traditional photo hosting services, photos and videos are accessed with a simple and persistent URL, making them easily linkable and embeddable in blogs, forums, websites and social spaces, and URLs can also be sent easily to friends, family and colleagues by email and instant messaging.

Marc Lyne, CEO and David Ingram, VP

izimi VP, David Ingram, says, “Just a few years ago something like izimi would not have been possible - our home internet connections were just too slow and too flaky. But today, more and more of us are connected to fast always-on broadband internet connections, and with that comes a greater degree of self-empowerment. izimi gives us all a technically advanced but simple-to-use means for sharing our media and files, whatever format they are, to anyone else on the internet without the need for us to upload them to intermediaries and without our audiences having to get any special software”.

izimi was designed to incorporate the best elements of P2P file sharing with the best elements of the web-based photo and video hosting services: Like P2P but unlike upload websites, there is no need for a user to upload photos or videos that he wishes to share – it is just ‘click and instant share’. Unlike P2P but like upload websites, a user’s audience doesn’t need any special software to view the shared files - just a web browser.

That unique combination means that any person can share photos, videos, and music literally instantly with just a few mouse clicks, yet they are available via standard URLs and link codes so can be accessed by anyone with a web browser and linked to and embedded in regular web pages.

About the software: izimi is free downloadable application that you install on your computer in order to share your media and files. It is available immediately from www.izimi.com. izimi.com also provides an entire social networking experience where you can view users’ profiles and view and comment on what they’re sharing. About the company: izimi, owned by eSeekers Ltd, was founded in 2005 and is based in Oxford UK and San Francisco CA USA.

Press information, company background, executive biogs and press releases can be found here: http://blog.izimi.com/press-room/

For more information, contact:

David Ingram, VP
izimi (eSeekers Ltd)
Leicester Business Centre
111 Ross Walk
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1865 864022

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