Sunday, 11 February 2018

Our Visit to Charlie Chaplin's World, Geneva

Gemma on our way into Chaplin's World, Geneva
While in Geneva for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, Gemma and I had the chance to visit Charlie Chaplin's family home which was recently turned into a museum called Charlie Chaplin World. We loved it and felt we had really been invited into his personal life. I found the experience very moving. What a lovely man he was. Here is a selection of photos of our day in Charlie Chaplin's World.

Chaplin's World has its very own bus stop 
Manoir de Ban, Charlie Chaplin's family home

Gemma with Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush
Gemma getting a trim from Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator
Gemma with the blind girl in City Lights
The recreation of this scene from The Great Dictator was directly relevant to the
reason we were in Geneva - Holocaust Memorial Day 2018
Charlie Chaplin's tramp costume
With Edna Purviance in The Immigrant
Gemma with Charlie Chaplin in the police station in Modern Times
Gemma breaking out of her prison cell in Modern Times
Gemma on the phone in Modern Times
Gemma in Chalie Chaplin's tramp costume
Gemma in Adenoid Hynkel's costume in The Great Dictator
Gemma as the policeman in Easy Street
Charlie Chaplin's two Oscars
Charlie Chaplin's original hat, cane and boots

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