Thursday, 27 November 2014

Preview Screening of "Boom Bust Boom" - a documentary by Terry Jones and Theo Kocken

I got an invite to a preview screening of Terry Jones and Theo Kocken's documentary "Boom Bust Boom" last night.

What is Boom Bust Boom? From
Terry Jones presents Boom Bust Boom, a unique look at why crashes keep happening combining live action with animation, puppetry, song and experts to explain economics to everyone.
It's actually a very serious subject (financial collapse, why we never seem to learn from history and the shortcomings of traditional university economics education) told in a very silly way. So by definition then, it's Pythonesque... which figures. I learned last night that the documentary is part of a global campaign to change the way economics is taught, to help prevent crashes from recurring. A noble cause!

The screening was at the Warner Brother's De Lane Lea in Dean Street, London
Back in 2012, I helped promote Bill & Ben's "A Liar's Autobiography - The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman" as you can from my incessant stream of blog posts about it here.

Boom Bust Boom is another Bill & Ben creation, and last night was a mini Liar's reunion!

In addition to Bill Jones and Ben Timlett (obviously), there was André Jacquemin, Justin Weyers, Steven Lall, Jeff Simpson and Philip Bulcock, and others I've forgotten to mention.

Bill Jones and Ben Timlett introducing the film
My most memorable moments of last night were:
  • Bill & Ben's intro speech before the film started. I'm paraphrasing: "Usually at screenings like this, we'd be interested to hear what you think of the film... but since it's finished now, if you don't like it, you can fuck off."
  • Meeting Dr Alison Telfer (Terry Jones' ex - Bill's mum), getting a photo with her and hearing all about how she and Terry met and how they ended up living together (all thanks to Delia Smith!), and her memories of the Pythons writing the shows in her living room, of the TV show recordings, of the Holy Grail and Doune Castle, and Tunisia for the Life of Brian. I even sat next to her in the screening! What a lovely lady! I was so honoured to meet her. 
With Dr Alison Telfer

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