Wednesday 2 June 2010

Neil Innes live at the Half Moon, Putney - 1 June 2010

Me with Neil Innes. (Photo taken by bassist Tom Fry)

Well I've finally met Neil Innes! The 7th Python, as he's often called, who appeared in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian and Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl as well as many projects of individual Pythons. And what a lovely chap he is! I had very little time to chat after the show though because I had to rush to catch the last train home. But I did manage to talk to him about @Paula_Python who lives in Buenos Aires with whom he has exchanged tweets (the magic of Twitter!), and yes, he did remember her!

@paula_python I'm there! on Twitpic
Neil Innes at the Half Moon

I really enjoyed the show too which comprised material from Bonzo Dog and The Rutles; the Python-related songs he played were:

Dedicated Monty Python fans

It was good to see Lynda-Louise again. I bumped into her many times at Spamalot and I also saw her at Not the Messiah. Shuji Tohyama was there too - I wrote about him in my Not the Messiah blog post. We three must be the most dedicated Monty Python fans in the land. Anyone else feel they deserve to be included in that title? If so, please speak up and be counted and tell us your story.

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Paute said...

Oh!!! Thanks for asked about me!. And he remember me!. That´s so great!!
Thanks again (and again, and again) John!
You know what means Python on my life (i guess the same in your life). This stuff makes me so happy.
And thanks to Neil... i hope can see you!!