Friday 22 May 2009

Stuntman dives off viaduct in East Grinstead for Foyle's War


Andy Wareham, stuntman for Foyle's War, amazed residents of Garden Wood Road, East Grinstead today

Garden Wood Road was closed all day today for the filming of a scene for Foyle's War, a detective-drama series set in war-time Britain, starring Michael Kitchen (who was filming elsewhere unfortunately).

The crew spent the morning filming on top of the viaduct, then down below for the scene where Andy jumps off, and finally another scene in a field nearby.

The highlight was obviously Andy's jump scene, landing on a huge 'bouncy castle'. The set up took hours - all for a two-second shot! All went well; Andy lives to tell the tale and has proved himself to be very brave!

Andy Wareham who I notice from IMDB, is also in Terry Gilliam's movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Damn, I wish I'd spoken to him about that, being, as I am, Terry Gilliam's #1 fan!

Andy, about to jump

Rob Heanley and Sam Marks (whom Andy stunt-doubled for)

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Stephen Hultquist said...

Very cool!

Any idea if there will be any filming the week of June 2-7?