Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Monty Python Channel on YouTube At Last

Fed up with being ripped off by so-called fans who have uploaded low quality versions of their copyrighted material onto YouTube, the Pythons have hit back with an official YouTube channel of their own. Horay! About bloody time I say!

It's great to see those 'From the Vault' cine films.

The surge of traffic that the new Python channel has brought about is staggering. The channel is barely 48 hours old and the channel got a YouTube rosette almost immediately and already has 14,765 subscribers at time of writing.

More info and an opportunity to comment on the story here: is Python's official Internet home and is the site given on their YouTube Channel page. Even Ken Clean Air Systems would be able to predict that Pythonline's unique visitor stats are going to be on a steep incline for a long time to come!

And how is the new Channel being funded? Well they just 'hope' you are going to rush out (or rush 'in' if you prefer shopping online) and buy their books, albums and DVDs etc as a result of watching all their lovely clips.

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