Thursday, 20 November 2008

Major Monty Python Documentary Looking For Fans

There now follows a message, not from the Swedish Prime Minister, but from Tina of Bill & Ben Productions:

Hi All Monty Python Fans out there,

A newly commissioned 6-part Monty Python documentary which will be shooting from December till about March 2009 is looking for participants.

There have been so many documentaries made about the Pythons but this one praises itself for being something completely different as we want to speak to the fans!

I'd be really interested to hear from people about why they love Monty Python or if anyone has met them and have weird and wacky stories to tell.

Have the Pythons had an affect on your life? If so, how?

Whatever the story, I want to hear from you.

All of the Pythons, apart from Graham who I'm sure will send a message from beyond, will be taking part in the documentary. No story will be used without consent.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Please email me at

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johnalexwood said...

E-mail in from Tina: "So my idea is that I want to sent a blank mini dv tape out to them and get people to do their own video diaries about Python - I want them to talk to camera about why they love Python and what them to film all the memorabilia that they have - meet their friends and families who also love Python or think they're crazy and see what footage we get back." Any takers?