Sunday, 20 December 2015

References to the Kenwood Chef and other Kenwood Products in Popular Culture

Foot (Victor Spinetti) using a Kenwood Knife Sharpener before cutting Ringo's finger off in the Beatles 1965 film "Help!" 
Here is an ever-growing list of mentions of Kenwood or Kenwood products, or examples of where the name or products are seen in popular culture:
  • Kenwood knife sharpener used in The Beatles film "Help!"
  • Kenwood Chef seen at the start of Terry Gilliam's "Time Bandits"
  • Kenwood Chef seen in the kitchen of "Fawlty Towers"
  • A Kenwood Chef makes an appearance in 'Are You Going to be More Permanent?', a 1965 episode of Danger Man alongside Susan Hampshire.
'Are You Going to be More Permanent?', a 1965 episode of Danger Man alongside Susan Hampshire
  • Kenwood Chef is mentioned in Series 6, Episode 4 of Only Fools and Horses "Perkins: Is he not a good mixer? Del: A good mixer? He's like a Kenwood Chef when he gets going.
  • Kenwood features in one of Tim Vine's one-liner jokes
  • Kenwood Chef seen in Peter Sellers' film "Hoffman"
  • Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet, always used a Kenwood Chef on his TV show
  • Kenwood products have appeared in many other TV cooking shows e.g. Raymond Blanc
  • The Lancashire Hotpot's video "Black Friday":

    Getting punched for a half price Kenwood Chef

  • Kenwood adverts from the 1960s appear in many books and Facebook posts about politically incorrect advertising
  • Kenwood usually have a stand at the Goodwood Revival Festival
  • The Kenwood 'kMix' Mixer is used on the Great British Bake Off TV show
  • There is a band called 'Kenwood and the Mixers'
  • The closing credits of the film "A Fistful of Fingers" by Edgar Wright (who also made Shaun of the Dead, The World's End and Hot Fuzz): 

    Food Mixer - Ken Wood

    Closing credits of "A Fistful of Fingers"
"So Pissed Off With Love" performed by Victoria Wood and Dennis Lawson

The lyrics of Victoria Wood's "So Pissed Off With Love" include the line:
"We don't need a ref. You can take the Kenwood Chef. Just get your pimply bottom through that doorway!" 

  • A 1969 Kenwood Chef appears in ITV's 2017 series "Tina & Bobby"

    • Series 1, Episode 1 of the Goodies (1970)

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