Monday, 10 November 2008

Alter Bridge - Brixton Academy, 8th Nov 2008 (photos)

Outstanding gig, rumoured to be their best ever live performance - in front 5,000 very enthusiastic fans. So it was handy that their film crew was there to record the gig for their forthcoming Alter Bridge Live DVD.

It seems the band have a special affinity for London (and vice versa) and Myles thanked the London audience for being the best.

Myles Kennedy - lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Mark Tremonti - lead guitars, backing vocals
Scott Phillips - drums
Brian Marshall - bass

Guitar Roadie, sorry, Technician Ian Keith (left) playing with the band on One Day Remains

Myles with Lorri

Lorri & Riitta

Myles with Harry

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Unknown said...

That song that Ian Keith is playing is One Day Remains