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Miracle Drywash Now Available in Scandinavia and Beyond

Car care firm Peek Scandinavia is now reselling MDW and will be demonstrating it at a long list of major car shows throughout Denmark and Sweden.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Matt Jensen, former truck driver and founder of the car care firm Peek Scandinavia is now selling Miracle Drywash throughout Scandinavia as well as into several neighbouring countries. In addition to the waterless carwash product being available by mail order through his own website, Matt will also be taking it with him on his ‘Roadshop Tour’ around Denmark and Sweden where he will display and demonstrate the product at a long list of major, high profile car and truck shows.

The Peek-mobile!

Miracle Drywash will be on show at the following events:
  • 21 to 22 June 2008, Amerikaner biltræf på Texas ranch, in Klippinge, Stevns (south east part of Seeland), Denmark hosted by the Trans Am Club of Denmark. On display will be 800-1000 American cars, the majority of which will be Trans Ams. The Harley Davidson Club of Denmark and the Indian Bike Club of Denmark have also been invited to participate in the show.
  • 28 to 29 June 2008, Rumble #3, in Balle, near Vordingborg, Denmark hosted by the American Car Club called the South Island Cruisers. On display will be 200-350 American cars.
  • 2 to 4 July 2008, Power Big Meet, in Västerås, Sweden hosted by Power Big Meet. 10,000 cars are expected to this show. Last year there were 12,000.
  • 14 to 17 Aug 2008, Fyns MC Festival, in Odense on Fyn where 2500 bikes are expected and many rock bands will also be performing including Sandman.
  • 13 to 14 Sept 2008, Lastbilsmagasinets Truckshow, in Roskilde which is a truckers festival with 200-300 lorries expected.
Matt first heard about Miracle Drywash in May of this year at the Super Rally show in Fredericia, Denmark where he was promoting Mozito Car Care products and Peek Polish. Another stall holder there told him that the owner of the website used the product and loved it. So Matt went online, found MDW’s website and got in touch with the company and placed his order. He will be demonstrating and selling the product at the above 6 shows with many more shows to be planned in the future.

"As soon as I saw that Marks & Spencers were selling it, I knew it had to be a quality product. I didn't even feel a need to test it so I placed an order for a shipment there and then. Now I’ve used it and it's a brilliant product and fast and easy to use,” says Matt.

This is the first time that MDW has been available in Scandinavia. Matt actually plans to sell the product into the Baltics, Iceland and Germany too through a network of dealers as well as through his site. Matt, a former truck driver, has been selling car care products since 2006. “We believe in high quality products – those that we sell are not the cheapest on the market but we guarantee that they are the best around. We have always promised to fully refund our customers if they are not totally satisfied. Needless to say, so far so good - we haven’t had to refund a single penny,” he says.

About Miracle Drywash
Miracle Drywash, manufactured by SJK Products Ltd in Crawley, West Sussex, UK, is a totally waterless washing and polishing system – a revolutionary way to both clean and polish your car, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface - with only a single application of the product. It both prevents pollutants and detergents from entering the river system and each bottle (7 washes) saves 1 ton of water. The product was endorsed by South East Water in 2006 and was awarded the prestigious Waterwise Marque in 2007 for its contribution towards saving water in the UK. It is available from Amazon, Marks & Spencer and Autoglass who also use it to valet their clients’ vehicles. The company, SJK Products, was co-founded in 2004 by SJ Khebbal, CEO and Tim Jones, Chairman.

For more information please contact:

Yvonne Siddall
SJK Products Ltd
James Place
West Sussex
RH10 6GA
United Kingdom

+44 (0)800 881 8062

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