Saturday, 19 July 2008 Co-Sponsors Mongol Rally 2008 Team


According to the Mongolia information site, the Mongol Rally is possibly the largest departure of adventure teams from the UK ever staged – they have no route, no back up and tiny 1-litre cars!

Yak To The Future Team - London to Mongolia

200 cars, driven by teams from 23 countries (some in fancy dress), set off today from Hyde Park, London on a journey of around 10,000 miles through 15 countries in cars they swapped for a bag of crisps. And they are doing it all for charity!

The brave Yak To The Future team from Godalming, Surrey and their trusty 2CV was co-sponsored by lifestyle social networking and file-sharing site

l to r: The Yak To The Future Team: Joe Turner, Mark Coughlan and Tim Hopkin just before their epic journey, with John Wood from

The charities that the Yak To The Future team is raising funds for are:

Home for the Elderly: Pashupati Briddhshram (old home) is the largest old people's home in Kathmandu, Nepal run by the government - Home to 236 residents but only 9 car workers.

Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps Mongolia supports rural communities and herding families through economic, educational and agricultural programmes.

For more information on the charities, visit:

To donate, visit:

Thousands turned up to see the teams off

A few minutes before the start of the London to Mongolia Rally 2008

Follow their every move via the Yak To The Future Blog:

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