Sunday, 8 July 2007

Fonejacker - Student Internet Service Providings


Geyser: Hello?

SISP: Hello?

Geyser: Yeah?

SISP: I'm calling from Internet Service Provider would you be interested in providing a service our internet service providings is six times quicker?

Geyser: Um, I got internet connection already.

SISP: But it's six times fasterdings.

Geyser: You guys provide six times faster than what I've got now?

SISP: Maybe eight times fasterdings.

Geyser: Eight times, I got...well I got 8 Megabyte line.

SISP: But it's er 42 Megabytings.

Geyser: Is there any download limit?

SISP: There's no downloading limits nothing and you get free internet service providings you get free wire free er modems and you get a newsletter.

Geyser: How much is it per month?

SISP: I's £80.40 per month but if you do sign up the next three daysings you get to £40 per month.

Geyser: No, it's OK.

SISP: Er you sound like er temptedings.

Geyser: No I'm happy. I've been with them for like 4 or 5 years now and I have no problems so there's no need to change init?

SISP: But you don't sound happy with it. Perhaps you want to be happier.

Geyser: I do. I do sound happy, I'm just not happy with this phone call right now.

SISP: What do you means?

Geyser: I'm not being rude but you're kinda wasting my time.

SISP: But I'm providing the service of faster providings!

Geyser: I don't need faster! 8 Megabytes fast enough.

SISP: No it's 42 megabytes is the...

Geyser: I know, but I've got 8 Megabytes - that's fast enough!

SISP: But it's slow!

Geyser: No but's expensive. Your one's expensive!

SISP: No it's not - it's very cheap. I said £14 in the first month, only £40 for the next month, only £80 for the next month.

Geyser: Please - er, I don't want to carry on this phone call.

SISP: I think you wanting to sign.

Geyser: No I don't want to sign. No more contracts. No more contracts. Too much contract.

SISP: But it's pay as You Goings.

Geyser: I'm a student I'm a student so I got no money.

SISP: But we're doing the student specialings for the internet service providings. It's a Student Internet Service Providings - SISP.

Geyser: I don't work. I don't work as well. Er I got no money to pay.

SISP: But I've got no money to eat.

Geyser: I know. I'm sorry

SISP: But it's all your faultings.

Geyser: Yeah it's all my fault - I'm sorry.

SISP: I'm upsetings.

Fonejacker is hilarious! Are you one of the people who answered the phone to Fonejacker himself and made it onto the programme? If so, I would love to hear from you!

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