Thursday, 1 March 2007

YouTube-killer uses P2P

So izimi is now live, in beta, awaiting launch date: Mon 5 March 2007.

The above article - probably the first of many - has appeared on the PC Advisor site, written by Paul Trotter, about izimi's enormous potential and its imminent launch.

Paul calls izimi P2P, but it's actually P2B (Peer to Browser) - a term coined by David Ingram I believe, izimi's VP of Product Marketing. It means that you can serve files, photos, music and videos straight from your PC to anyone with a browser. The izimi application (not available until 5 March) enables you to easily publish any form of electronic content to any other internet user with just a few mouse clicks and no technical know-how. You can publish and serve an unlimited number of files of any type or size to anyone – all they need to receive, view or download these files is a web browser since each file published (searchable on gets its own URL. How cool is that?

By the way, that izimi logo above is being served directly from my home PC!

If I turn my PC off by mistake, if I'm rebooting or if we've had a power cut, then it will simply say "This content is currently unavailable".

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