Saturday, 24 March 2007

SPAMALOT - we loved it SO much, we went to see it again!

Harry and I went to see Monty Python's Spamalot a few months ago as a birthday treat for me. We loved it so much, we went to see it again last night (23 March 2007) as a birthday treat for Harry, together with 2 of his friends, Chiara and Robin.

Robin, Chiara (chewing bubble gum, blowing a bubble) and Harry standing in front of the main entrance of the Palace Theatre, London before the show.

Harry, Robin and Chiara in the Grand Circle (3rd level up) - dead centre. Great view!

After the show, we waited in the cold at the stage door to meet as many of the cast as possible. We even missed the last train home but it was well worth it!

With David Birrell who plays King Arthur's trusty servant Patsy (and several other characters)With Simon Russell Beale who plays King ArthurWith Tom Goodman-Hill who plays Sir Lancelot, French Taunter, The Knight who says 'Ni!' and Tim the Enchanter. Here, he is saying to Harry, "I fart in your general direction and your mother was a hampster and your father [pointing to me!] smelt of elderberries!"
With the make-up and costume girls. They never get the praise and attention they deserve!

With Hannah Waddingham (see also with water bottle in hand at all times, the Lady of the Lake, who spent so much time with the kids and was SO friendly. She is really lovely and a true diva with THE most fantastic voice!
Guess what? We are bound to go and see Spamalot again before too long because it is such a blast!

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