Sunday, 22 June 2014

Friends' reunion and memorial for my brother Nick at Old Thorns

On Feb 1st of this year, my brother Nick, aged 59, sadly passed away. His funeral was held in Munich where he had been living since 1980. Consequently, his friends from the 1960s and 70s were not able to be there to say their goodbyes, so we held a Memorial for him (which doubled up as a 30-40 year friends' reunion) on June 17th.

It was wonderful to see everyone again and hear the fond memories they have of Nick.

That's my mother Pat, my brother Steve and me in the centre (directly behind Tony who's kneeling)
The occasion took place in the Kenwood Suite (by coincidence and not by design!) at Old Thorns, our former family home, now a thriving golf hotel and country estate in Liphook, Hampshire. It's the perfect wedding venue and is so huge now, that it can hold two weddings at the same time! Funnily enough, Old Thorns was where Nick Berney and his bride Angie held their wedding reception back in 1979!

28 July 1979 - the first ever wedding reception at Old Thorns?

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