Monday, 5 October 2009

Why is the most remarkable local search business directory on the net


In addition to offering many cool features that really help increase the online visibility of small to medium-sized businesses - all for free - also has a lot of internet "firsts" to its name
  • Brownbook is actually a global business directory because it allows businesses in 240 countries to be added – but it is also a local directory at the same time. I don’t know of any other ‘local’ directory that is also fully global (other than Google’s).
  • It offers a great deal all for free – in fact, it offers much more than some other directories that charge a fee for extra functionality.
  • Brownbook is the first business directory to allow widgets in listings (e.g. Google Street View or Twitter feed).
  • It was the first to allow you to use any unit within your listing as a widget in itself for use on other sites such as your blog (called Bidgets in Brownbook-speak).
  • It was the first to enable the addition of Google Street View in a business listing.
  • It's the first to provide QR codes as standard within each business listing.
  • It's the first to provide page view stats for every listing.
  • It was the first to provide these all these additional contact fields: IM, Twitter, VoIP and Blog.
  • and it was the first to include a new B2B endorsement feature where companies within the directory can endorse others and so generate more links to their listing. Here's an example of a business listing in Brownbook with 100+ endorsements:
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Fredrick James Accounting, Tax & Consulting said...

Our firm just claimed our listing on BrownBook last week and we love it! Such an innovative service, love the twitter feature too. We're working on creating some educational accounting/tax videos to help people reduce their tax liability and are looking forward to being able to link them directly through brownbook. Beautiful!