Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Brownbook - the local search business directory that has everything

With the recent addition of a ShareThis button and 12 prepared widgets, in addition to all the other cutting edge features it offers that I wrote about in my previous blog post, Brownbook.net really is the online local search business directory that has everything

The new 12 just-add-username widgets (almost)

Brownbook.net now surely deserves an award for being the world's coolest business directory. With its latest enhancements, it's packed with so many online marketing gadgets, it wouldn't be out of place in a James Bond movie!

It addition to the fact that Brownbook already:
  • is truly global, allowing listings in 240 countries
  • is completely free
  • can be edited by anyone
  • allows full customization
  • provides a QR Code for every business listing as standard
  • provides page views and clickthrough stats
  • includes IM, VoIP, Twitter and Blog fields
  • allows B2B endorsements, and
  • allows sections of business listings to be used as widgets on other sites (bidgets)
it now ALSO has replaced its "Twitter This" button with a ShareThis button on every page:

Brownbook.net's new ShareThis button

and it has made available 12 widgets for easy addition to business listing pages; pretty much all you have to do now is give your username! The 12 widgets are:
There's no doubt about it - Brownbook.net is very cool!

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