Monday, 16 March 2015

Steel Panther Headlines at Wembley Arena

Steel Panther at Wembley!
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Saturday 14th March, Wembley Arena: The show was outrageous of course, and hilarious.

When we first saw what we thought was the band on stage, we were all collectively worried for a moment that all four members had shrunk! In fact, they had hired 4 "little people" (is that the politically correct term nowadays?) dressed up as Steel Panther! What a really funny prank and a highly original way to open the show. Roadies then chased them off stage but they came back on for the finale.

Satchel made me laugh so much! He is such a comedian! "You are definitely the best audience we've had all week."

During the encore, Steve (brother) went on stage to present the band with an award for the vast number of records they have sold (almost impossible to achieve nowadays).

I had a little chat with Stix the drummer afterwards. He remembered me from Download last summer!

Gemma's backstage pass on her er... dress
Gemma looking foxy just before Steel Panther came on stage
Steel Panther "little people" tribute band with Steel Panther
Steel Panther posing
I took this picture because I liked the lights
Satchel of Steel Panther making us laugh
Girls on stage!
Steve Wood (centre stage) presenting Steel Panther with their awards
The grand finale
Me with Michael Starr of Steel Panther last year at the Download Festival
The support bands were also great!

The Lounge Kittens
Me with Benji Webbe of Skindred

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