Sunday, 19 August 2012

Spamalot: My 10th Time - starring Jon Culshaw and Bonnie Langford

This musical is SO good, I could watch it every day!

This time (the matinee performance of Saturday 11th Aug), I was accompanied by the delightful American Anglophile and devout Python fan, Mariah June, and her Nikon.

I know Spamalot so well now, it was interesting for me to see the minor tweaks they have made to the script - that's in addition to the part that's different every night; where the Knights of Ni! change their name to something that usually begins with "Ecky Ecky Phertang....." (as in the Holy Grail) but then includes a reference to something topical as well as a song (in our case, the Olympics and for some unknown reason, Michael Jackson's "Give Me the Moonlight"). That's the part where The Knight of Ni! and King Arthur purposely try to corpse each other by surprise.

After the show, we said hello to the cast (we had to!) and I took pics of them with Mariah using her Nikon.
Bonnie Langford

Todd Carty, Kit Orton and Robin Armstrong

Jon Robyns

Rob Delaney

Jon Culshaw
Spamalot is on in London at the Harold Pinter Theatre until Sunday 9th September. I order you to go and see it!

Believe it or not, I'm going to see it yet again very soon and will blog about it, obviously.

I glibly claim I've seen it 10 times... well here's proof:

Spamalot's in the news again! See:

And now for someone completely different! Impressionist Jon Culshaw on why he is looking on the bright side of life in Monty Python's Spamalot

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