Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Day I Met Tim Vine

With Tim Vine in an Internet café near Victoria Station
I needed to go online, so I popped into the nearest Internet café only to find, to my amazement, sitting at one of the terminals was the very funny comedian Tim Vine!

Being one who is not backwards in coming forwards, I decided to sit at the terminal right next to his; I had every intention of saying hello, but rather than just going, "Hello Tim", I thought I'd do something a little more original.

I knew he used Twitter, and I assumed that since he was online, he'd very likely be on Twitter at that moment, so I decided to tweet to him without saying a word to see if he noticed. It worked a tweet treat! Here's my tweet:
I waited a few minutes and then he suddenly looked to his right and stared right at me with wide eyes! It was a very special moment and we both had a good laugh!

He told me the reason he had gone into the Internet café was to find somewhere he could buy some plastic fruit for the show he was doing that night. 

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