Friday, 26 March 2010

Not the Messiah in the cinema


My mate Larry and I went to see Not the Messiah in the cinema in Crawley last night - the very performance I was at last October at the Royal Albert Hall.

The trouble was, I didn't have a very good view; I was right at the top and right at the back. I was too far away to properly see any detail on stage and the sound quality, from where I was standing, was awful so I couldn't hear very well either.

So it was wonderful, last night, to have seen everything I had missed, with close ups of every nuance of each of the performers who, I can see now, exude professionalism out of every pore. Respect! to Shannon Mercer, William Fergusson, Rosalind Plowright and Christopher Purves - and, of course, John Du Prez and Eric Idle.

It was interesting to see how they had edited it - but I think I'm going to have to write a letter about how much was lost from the scene where Gilliam is 'over amorous' to Carol Cleveland during "Find Your Dream". It was almost edited out for goodness sake!

Really enjoyed the show and had a wonderful time, so thanks again Eric!

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