Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Israelis and the Palestinians

What have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

As I see it.... by L. Berney

Soon after the end of WW2, in 1948, the Jewish Agency (Gurion, Herzl, Shamir, Begun and others) decided to occupy, take over and set up a Jewish State in the territory of Palestine. This new state, which they named Israel, was to be the homeland of the survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and of the Jews under persecution in the Soviet Union and in the Soviet occupied countries, and of persecuted Jews living in other Arab territories. At the time there were some 6,000,000 Arab people, the "Palestinians", resident in Palestine.

One group of people occupying and taking charge of another group of people's territory has happened many times throughout history. Here are a few examples:

  • Romans into France, Iberia, Germany, Britain, Eastern Mediterranean, etc
  • Normans into Britain
  • Moors into Iberia
  • Spanish and Portuguese into South America
  • British into India
  • Dutch into the Dutch East Indies
  • Europeans (Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy) into Africa
  • Boers into South Africa
  • Nazi Germany into France, Belgium, Holland, Norway etc
  • Japanese into Burma
  • Americans into Vietnam
  • Soviets into the Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries
When you do this -- militarily invade and govern someone else's territory -- you are surrounded by hostile people and you in the minority. You are faced with the problems of maintaining your authority and how to deal with the indigenous population. Invariably, with ruthlessness, "mailed-fist" subjugation, brutal suppression of resistance, and "apartheid" is how it is done. When your back is to the wall (or to the sea), if you and your invasion are to survive, there is probably no other way!

That is what is happening in Israel/Palestine now!

History shows that, in the end, the invader usually loses and the indigenous population usually wins. The only way the invader wins is if he "genocides" the indigenous population so that there aren't any, or very few, left! -- e.g. the aborigines of Australia, the Maoris of New Zealand, the Indians of North American.

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