Friday, 31 October 2008

I have a ticket for the TV show that never happened

I had been looking forward to Wed 29th Oct 08 for weeks.

I had even given away my holiday in Spain so that could be in the UK for Wed 29th Oct 08.

So what was it that was so special about Wed 29th Oct 08? That was the date on the front of the ticket that I had received from Hotsauce TV - Jonathan Ross 's TV production company - to be in the audience, in London, for the recording of the BBC's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross . That celebrity chat show is the only thing I watch on TV pretty much. Jonathan Ross is so rude and extremely quick-witted - he makes me laugh out loud every time, and I love learning more about the celebrities he interviews, and the bands that play out the show at the end. I just love that show!

My ticket to see my favourite TV show being recorded

I had noticed that there was something brewing on the front pages of the tabloid press concerning Mr Ross in the days leading up to Wed 29th Oct 08 but had thought nothing of it. I was so looking forward to watching the show live; I had even taken the day off.

Then Wed 29th Oct 08 finally arrives. Jonathan Ross is someone I would really like to meet, and I was secretly hoping I might be able to wangle my way back stage (I'm good at that!) and make that a reality. I had got everything ready, including the all-important camera because, in addition to the celebrity guests on the show themselves (David Attenborough, Frank Skinner and Miley Cyrus with music supplied by Killers performing "Human") - when you are in BBC Television Centre, you never know who you might bump into!

I was just about to set off for London when my business partner, Mike Kennard, called me to say that Jonathan Ross, himself, had been suspended! Well I was flabbergasted! I then called the BBC who confirmed that there was going to be no recording of his show that night for his usual Friday broadcast. Meanwhile, the media hysteria raged ( 6,967 stories for "jonathan ross" in Google News alone as I type this ). I checked the TV listings and Jonathan's 10:40pm slot on Friday had been replaced with the movie "Speed" ! So now, I really feel justified to add one of these: Cry

BBC TV listings before the crisis

On the bright side (of life), the BBC did tell me that, when all this has blown over, they will honour the Wed 29th Oct 08 tickets for another show in the future. Whether that is Friday Night with Jonathan Ross or not largely depends on whether Mr Ross ever gets his job back.I hope he does, because life wouldn't be the same without Friday Night with Jonathan Ross!

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