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New Build Energy Assessor Course to Meet New Legislation

New Build En
ergy Assessor Courses now available at

Reading and Birmingham: From 28 April 2008, Energy Assessor College (Reading and Birmingham) is offering applicants the opportunity to qualify as a New Build Energy Assessor.

The New Build Energy Assessor Course, one of the first of its kind in the UK, leads to the On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor Diploma (ABBE OnCon DEA) from ABBE, the body appointed by the Government to oversee the awarding of certification.

New Build Energy Assessor Courses
from Energy Assessor College

Classroom and home-based study
Candidates complete training and exams at the Energy Assessor College in Reading or Birmingham, as well as studying and producing a portfolio of evidence, which is a requirement of the ABBE qualification.

Successful completion of the course and diploma opens the door to a new career as a New Build Energy Assessor, working on a self-employed basis issuing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for the new housing sector.

Increased demand for energy assessors
New legislation that came into effect on 6 April 2008 requires every newly constructed home to have an EPC before it can go on the market.

"Issuing these EPCs requires the services of a qualified New Build Energy Assessor, and at current rates of 185,000 new homes every year, and the Government’s request for an additional 35,000 per year until 2020, these qualified professionals will be in high demand," says Richard Simpson, Built Environment Skills & Training (BEST) Ltd.

The Energy Assessor College is providing this course in anticipation of this demand and has tailored training to fit the needs of anyone seeking a new career direction or who wishes to add Energy Assessments to their current service.

Each course module is booked separately and with much of the work produced from home (reviewed by a qualified Energy Assessor), the course can be taken around existing work or lifestyle commitments.

More energy assessor courses available
Also on offer from the Energy Assessor College, in Reading and Birmingham, are Multi-Skilled, Commercial and Domestic Energy Assessor courses.

To apply for an Energy Assessor Course or to find out more information, visit the Energy Assessor College website or call the Energy Assessor College Reading (Southern England Centre) on 0845 017 5010 or Birmingham (Central England and Wales Centre) on 0845 017 5052.

About Energy Assessor College
Energy Assessor College is a trading brand of BEST (Built Environment Skills & Training) Ltd, a Government-accredited, private sector training provider focused on the built environment sector.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Simpson
Energy Assessor College
Davidson House
Forbury Square
Berkshire RG1 3EU

0118 900 0876

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