Monday, 7 May 2007

Hot Fractured Rock Geothermal Energy - the Answer to Global Warming?

Energy is, and will remain, the largest business on Earth. This industry is undergoing major changes as the world grapples with climate change, pollution and the need for renewable energy. One source of renewable energy is hot fractured rock (HFR) geothermal energy.

HFR geothermal energy is produced using heat extracted from buried hot granites by circulating water through an engineered, artificial reservoir or underground heat exchanger. These hot granites represent a massive source of renewable energy, free from CO2 emissions.
The development of HFR geothermal energy relies on existing technologies. HFR geothermal projects are currently underway in France, Switzerland, Germany, California, and Japan. Australia has a recognised potential for the development of HFR geothermal energy.
Perhaps HFR is the answer to the world's future energy needs - a source that does not exacerbate the problem of global warming, is safe and seemingly available in infinite supply. This report entitled, "The Future of Geothermal Energy" suggests that the amount of extractable HFR energy exceeds the world's current consumption by a factor of several thousand!

To quote Sheikh Yamani: "The Stone Age did not end because people ran out of stones - it ended because they found something better."

What is Hot Fractured Rock Energy? Click here and here to find out.

With thanks to Geodynamics, the Australian geothermal power company for the images and text.

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