Friday, 29 December 2006

Healthy Skepticism of Global Warming Alarmism Recommended

by L. Berney

In response to my last post (THE ENERGY PROBLEM -- A POSSIBLE SOLUTION), my cousin wanted me to see this article. It makes you wonder whether global warming is really due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels or whether getting warmer is something planet Earth was doing anyway. I've been a bit skeptical about the whole thing for a long time myself despite being a pioneer of the green movement (I ran a glass recycling campaign way back in 1986 that even got on TV!) . I was half wondering whether the global warming theory was being purposely hyped up just to sell newspapers and magazines. However, before you poo-poo the greenhouse effect proponents, don't forget that the planet second nearest to the sun, not the nearest, is the hottest. Why? It's own greenhouse effect.

Healthy Skepticism of Global Warming Alarmism Recommended
By Steve Jalsevac

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